Ycustom paper wristbandsoung employees likely to change first job in first 7 months: Report

Author:Ycustom paper wristbandsoung employees likely to change first job in first 7 months: Report2018-5-5 09:34:10

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Job seekers share employment information at a job fair in Dongying, Shandong province, on July 15. [Zhou Guangxue/For China Daily]

China’s young jobseekers born in and after 1995 are likely to quit their first job within seven months on average, said LinkedIn.

The business-oriented social networking site analyzed the public profiles of 150,000 users and found that first jobs are hardly ideal for many. Generally, the younger a person, the shorter the duration of first employement.

Those born in the 1970s quit their first job after working four years, an average that dropped to 3.5 years for those born in the 1980s, 19 months for the post-1990 generation and now seven months for the post-1995s.

The report said young people born in the 1990s frequently change their first job because they are more independent, care more about their feelings and seek to realize their own values more than older generations. Another reason is that the youth are savvier in accessing career information and opportunities.

A higher job-hopping rate also reflects the current gap between education and the job market. Due to the lack of understanding of an industry, occupations or enterprises, graduates often expect too much from their first job and quickly find they are unable to fit in.

The report recommends students gain a better understanding of the job market through internships and work placements as early as possible.

Data shows the Internet and finance are the most popular industries for the post-90 and 95 generations, with over 30 percent of graduates born after 1995 employed in those fields.

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